M E E T  O U R  P A T R O N


As an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University – one of the leading universities for marketing research in the world – I am proud and very grateful for the opportunity to support, attend, and introduce you to the EMC 2023 – a unique intergenerational conference.

Through the EMC’s theme “Broaden Your Horizon” we inspire to set new impulses and ideas for how marketers can shape the future. One the hand, the rise of new technology and big data provides businesses with outstanding new opportunities. Artificial intelligence plays a huge role for many firms predicting the future, personalizing, and automating marketing communication activities. On the other hand, we also need to think about the “human side” of marketing. Leading researchers and practitioners think about ways of how we can conduct “Better Marketing for a Better World” as many consumers demand responsible, environment-friendly, and sustainable business activities.

Join the discussion about how we can push the boundaries in marketing. This conference gives room for creativity, reflection, ideas, and new visions. The EMC 2023 will give inspiring insights into how marketing practice should think outside the box.

I hope that you decide to join the EMC 2023.

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