The association – MTP e.V. – Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis (registered association).

The non-profit registered association MTP was created 1981 as a student initiative, in order to arrange marketing training at universities more practically. At over 19 university locations, the association today forms a unique, cross-generational network in which more than 3500 students, professionals, alumni and professors are involved nationwide.

United by our commitment and passion for marketing and in cooperation with well-known companies, we offer our members a variety of tasks, promote talent, and give them, in addition to insights into marketing, we provide newcomers with know-how and important qualifications such as team skills and organizational talent.

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The association – NMC 

Nova Marketing Club is the Marketing and Strategy student-run consulting firm of Nova SBE. As such, we take advantage of the extensive theoretical knowledge of our consultants to provide specialised consulting services in these areas.

But our work with firms doesn‘t end here: NMC can assist on the implementation of the projects we develop. As a non-profit organisation, NMC also undertakes pro-bono projects to support social causes.

The other strand of Nova Marketing Club‘s activities focuses on

  • Investing in our consultants‘ development,
  • Bringing Marketing to the Nova SBE Community

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