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We’re really proud to announce TAP Air Portugal as our official carrier for the EMC Lissabon 2019.
TAP provides us a 10 percent discount code for all economy class fares and 15 percent discount for all business class fares which can be used by every attendee of the event. Furthermore, you can not only stay from Thursday to Sunday but extend your stay in Lisbon from 10 days before the event to 10 days after! You can find the complete information on how to apply the discount here.

Book your flights directly over TAP’s website and enjoy a trip to one of the most beautiful and vivid cities of Europe!


Copy the code from the leaflet below and use it on checkout.



As Brand Sparring Partner, Dr. Matthias Hüsgen looks back at over 20 years of experience in the topics of brands, marketing and business strategy in various fields. Before he founded Blackeight in 2012, Matthias worked for more than 10 years in two international strategy consulting firms. Blackeight focuses on the customer to define what the brand looks and feels like, so the attendees in Lisbon can enjoy the following topic:”A new way to organize intern Brand Management”.
At last, we asked Blackeight: “When was the last time you discovered a new way of doing something?” and they answered:”This month we discovered a new way of doing something.
We had to reestablish our workspace and the way of working together. Why? Our office was destroyed by a severe water damage.
Therefore, we had to quickly come up with a solution. As we are a highly motivated and a very agile team we could settle quickly into a new environment, Design Offices. Instantly our colleagues got together again with the most necessary equipment and continued our daily business serving our clients – thanks to digital cloud services and telecommunication.
It’s fascinating to see which different areas are affected by the new workplace – everything opens up due to the new environment.
Nevertheless, we hope to be back in our office in about two weeks!
“Get yourself prepared for deep insights into one of the core fields of marketing!



While studying Business Administration in Munich, Vladislav Svetashkov started working as a Project Manager and Consultant at NTT Data. Especially agile project management is one of his core skills – he also has a Scrum Master certification. Vlad is the CEO of brezzl. GmbH now, a smart fridge cam and Internet of Things Startup.

He supports the EMC with an exclusive workshop treating the topic “Beyond crowdfunding – finding ways to scale the product after a successful campaign”.

We asked him: When was the last time you discovered a new way of doing something? – His answer: “I solve problems no one solved before every day. So the answer is either yesterday or today.”



After finishing his studies in Lisboa, Miguel Matos is working for Tabaqueira (a Philip Morris subsidiary company) for over 11 years straight now. His job brought him from Switzerland to the Czech Republic, the Canary Islands and back to Portugal, where he is General Manager since January ’07.

The topic of his speech will be “Business transformation – From brand focus to consumer experience” and especially as a tobacco company, Tabaquiera know what they are talking about. Tobacco firms face changing conditions everyday.
As a result, it doesn’t surprise that Miguel answered the question “When was the last time you discovered a new way of doing something?” with a simple:

“Yesterday.” 😏



Derek Freer will be leading our workshop – he is Managing Director UK & US of Webgains, which is a hi-performance affiliate marketing network founded in 2005 and being part of the ad pepper media International N.V., which is listed on the stock market, since 2006 . Webgains has 150+ employees across the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.
Derek graduated in Law and immediately followed the pathway into practicing contract, employment and finance law before moving into Private Banking where he assisted in the banking and investment of high net worth individuals in the UK. Both of these roles have given him great experience in managing a large team of people in an industry that is dynamic and fast paced.

The topic of his workshop will be “Why CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is the marketing payment model of the future”.

Of course we asked Derek when was his last time discovering a new way of doing something!
“I find myself discovering new ways of doing things every day. When hiring new staff I explicitly state that this industry changes so quickly that there are always new ways of doing things and new ways of learning. It’s one of the reasons I joined. Staff at all levels should be looking at ways to change the way we work, and generally it is the staff at Account Management level who see these new ways from being ‘on the ground’ and closest to the action. Personally, I found out yesterday that I can travel the entire London transport network by paying with my watch! On a professional level I found a new way to combine US and UK accounts which allow us to service in a much more efficient manner on a single platform. This makes my job, the Account Managers’ job and the client’s job substantially easier!”



“Hi, my name is Miguel and right now I’m a Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence Consultant at DBi. I had a start-up ( for 1 year, where I was co-founder and COO, in parallel with the masters and Estagiei in a bank (NOVO BANCO) for 2 months (summer internship). I have been in the Havas Group for 2 years and 7 months, during which time I spent two years at Ecselis (the Performance Marketing Department of the Group) where I started as Performance Marketing Manager and after 1 year and a half I went to Senior Performance Marketing Manager.
Since January of this year I became part of DBi (Business Intelligence Unit and Digital Marketing Consulting Group), where I am currently.

In my speech I am going to display, as a former student of Nova SBE, what has served me academic experience, not only to enter the world of digital marketing, but also in my day to day professional. I’ll give my opinion about what it is to work in this industry (opportunities and career progression) what it consists in, effectively, to work in this world as compared to other popular areas among students (eg consultancy).
At last, I’ll sharing real examples of situations that I came across when managing large brands (investments exceeding € million in digital marketing) and small brands (much smaller investments in digital marketing.

In particular the question: When was the last time you discovered a new way of doing something? This question is very vague, I do not quite understand what they are referring to concretely … It is part of my job to be creative and to develop new solutions often, which sometimes leads me to try to make my work more efficient and, for I discover new ways of doing something.”

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