Assistant Prof. Dr. Samuel Stäbler – Department of Marketing Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Welcome Note: European Marketing Camp 2019

It is a great honor and I am very proud to introduce you to the European MarketingCamp (EMC) in Lisbon. The EMC will bring together top marketing students, practitioners,researchers, and business partners from all over Europe. As an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Tilburg University – one of the leading universities for marketing research in the world – I am proud and very grateful for the opportunity to support, attend and introduce you to the EMC.

The 2019 EMC’s theme “Discover New Ways” combines several interesting topics. The rise of new technology and big data provides businesses with outstanding opportunities. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a huge role for many brands predicting the future, personalizing, and automating communication activities. Furthermore, through better influencer-tracking technologies brands are much better equipped at managing their influencer, enabling companies to better interact and engage with audiences. Also, smart voice assistant devices may offer companies a new way of effectively communicating customized content. However, besides topics that directly relate to new technologies, also the “human side” of marketing is highly relevant for the success of future marketing activities. Many consumers demand responsible, environment-friendly, and sustainable business activities. Even though, academic research on the relationship of business and society indicates that companies need to invest into social activities, companies still face the challenge of using the “right” way to engage with the environment and society (e.g. Stäbler2019). These and many more topics will be discussed at the EMC 2019.

From my perspective, there is much room for creativity, reflection, ideas, and new visions in shaping the future. Join the discussion about which ways we should go. The EMC 2019 will give inspiring insights into how we contribute to the marketing practice. Relevant approaches will be discussed through keynote speaks, presentations, workshops and panel discussions. I am absolutely convinced that the EMC 2019 will bring out great networking, lively discussions and valuable impulses for both research and practice in a cross country setting. I hope that you decide to join the EMC 2019.

Stäbler, Samuel (2018). Three Essays on the Positive and Negative Consequences of Corporate Social Responsibility and Irresponsibility. Doctoral thesis, Universität zu Köln.

2019/10/03 08:30:00

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